What paved the way for Bitcoin

Shelling out Favourite
by Nick Szabo

This piece explains the origins of money and why money is one of the most important inventions of humanity.

by Nick Szabo

Bitcoin was not the first attempt at creating a trust minimised currency, and there were several proposals, implementations and technologies which led to Bitcoin. The closest to Bitcoin is Bitgold (2005).


How Bitcoin works

Bitcoin whitepaper Favourite
by Satoshi Nakamoto

The original whitepaper which Satoshi released to a cryptographer mailing list on the 31st October 2008. On 3 January 2009 the first Bitcoin block was mined.

Bitcoin beginners series
by Peter McCormack

A multi-podcast series with different guests explaining various aspects of Bitcoin


How Bitcoin creates a perfect incentive system

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin Favourite
by Vijay Boyapati

One of the greatest pieces in order to understand why Bitcoin is the best money humanity ever had access to covering evering from the origins of money to the attributes of a good store of value, the evolution of money and the monetisation of Bitcoin.

Gradually then suddenly
by Parker Lewis

In the "Gradually, then suddenly" article series, Parker Lewis refutes the most common Bitcoin critiques while explainng how the current sytem is fundamentally broken and doomed for failure.

The Pin that Popped the Credit Bubble
by Pomp

Caitlin Long is the Founder of Avanti Bank, a new US bank based in Wyoming that intends to serve the digital asset industry with new products and services that are not currently available in US dollar markets. In this conversation, Anthony and Caitlin discuss the structural issues in the legacy finance world, why coronavirus is the pin that popped the credit bubble, what is happening in the repo market, why banks should immediately go raise equity capital, how the government is forced to respond with monetary stimulus, and what this all means for Bitcoin.


Why Bitcoin is one of the great inventions and will change how society operates

A letter to all of you who still have no bitcoin. Favourite
by Gigi

A letter from your friend who understands Bitcoin and tries to make you aware of its importance.

Exchanging your fiat money for bitcoin is a move from an inherently unstable system to an anti-fragile one.
A most peaceful revolution Favourite
by Nic Carter

Libertarians tried to shrinken the state for centuries but exactly the opposite happend. In this piece Nic beautifully describes how Bitcoin will achieve the libertarian goal of reducing state power by taking away the mechanisms by which states fund themselves, i.e. the seperation of money and state.

Bitcoiners reject this: they understand that the only winning move in politics is not to play.
Bitcoin will be there for you when you need it. You may not need it now; you may not need it ever. But as we plunge into a more despotic, authoritarian, and chaotic world, you may one day feel comfort knowing that the world’s highest assurance wealth protection system in history is waiting patiently for you.
The number zero and Bitcoin
by Robert Breedlove

Satoshi gave the world Bitcoin, a true “something for nothing.” His discovery of absolute scarcity for money is an unstoppable idea that is changing the world tremendously, just like its digital ancestor: the number zero.

From Wechat to Bitcoin
by Aleg Gladstein

In this talk Alex explains why Bitcoin is a powerful tool of resistance against ever growing surveillance.


Further resources to continue falling down the rabbit hole

Bitcoin resources
by Gigi

A great list of books and articles to dive deeper into the rabbit hole.

Bitcoin resources
by Jameson Lopp

Bitcoin rabbit hole
by Anonymous