There are many different ways to store your Bitcoin but at a fundamental level it comes down to three options:

  • External custody: A third-party stores your Bitcoin: we advise against this as it introduces a lot of unnecessary risks.
  • Shared-custody: In this model you and a third party together store your coins. This model is great if you are scared of storing a large amount of Bitcoin yourself.
  • Self-custody: In this model only you store your Bitcoin and no other third party has access. For this model you should use a Hardware Wallet.

  • Self-custody

    How to store Bitcoin securely by yourself

    Why should I use a hardware wallet to keep my bitcoin safe? Favourite

    Keeping a digital secret, while still having access to it, is surprisingly hard.


    Unchained Capital Provider

    Unchained Capital is a shared-custody provider based in the US.

    Casa Provider

    Casa is a shared-custody provider based in the US.


    How to make sure that your Bitcoins reach your heirs

    Prepare your Bitcoin. For your heirs. Favourite

    The goal of an inheritance plan is to ensure that your heirs will be able to access your digital assets at the appropriate time, but not before.

    Security tips

    General advice on online security

    Security Checklist Favourite

    This online tool is a great way to see how secure you are when it comes to your digital life. When dealing with Bitcoins making sure that you are not getting hacked or leak information is especially important.